Exposure Controls + Tools

This page is dedicated to articles about picture and contains links to discussion threads, one-sheets, and general information about Production and Post-Production.

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This chart below shows the scopes available within the production equipment we have in FMSA: Production monitors and cameras.

Scopes Chart_Final
Scopes p6
Scopes p7
Scopes p 1
Scopes p2
Scopes p3


Other Resources:

Exposure with RED Cameras Notes


Colour correction tools in FCP X  by Larry Jordan :

Michael Horton. “Larry Jordan, Color Correcting FCPX using scopes.” Youtube, lecture by Larry Jordan, 29 May, 2013, youtube.com/watch?v=jX45Yi1spY4

This link is to a resource workbook describing digital workflow.


“Complete Guide to RED Workflows: Premiere, FCP X, Resolve”, by Sofi Marshall, 30 April, 2018.