The Production Studio D1387 is equipped and set up for studio production shooting and is open to FMSA majors (2nd – 4th year). Students must have attended the Studio Safety Workshop in order to access this studio. In order to book these spaces, students must fill out an application form. Additionally, when applicable, students must provide support documentation: floor plan of set walls, complete list of props, complete list of cast and crew.

Production Studio Guidelines here.

Bookings can be created here.  Availability can be viewed in calendars.

The Production includes the following features:

  • Lighting Grid (at 17FT height) with DMX Lighting Controller
  • 2 Kino Flo IMG-45X-120 Lights
  • Black Curtains
  • 8FT x 4FT Flats for set construction: 10 Full, 6 Half, 4 Window, 2 Doors
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Production Equipment: C-stands, Flags, Scrims, apple boxes…
  • Fresnel Floor Lights: 1 2000W Lamp, 5 1000W Lamps.
  • Equipment Closet: Grip and LX equipment.
  • Double-door access to the rear of building