Recording Studio

Recording Studio Control Room D1320

  • 7.1 surround mix room featuring Neumann KH Monitor Speakers
  • Audient ASP4816 Mixing Desk
  • Avid MTRX Studio
  • Avid Omni
  • Pro Tools | HD Ultimate
  • iZotope RX Post Production Noise Reduction Suite
  • 60″ Sharp Display (mirrored in Live Room) + 2 x 24″ Dell Displays
  • Acoustic Treatment by Primacoustic


Recording Studio Live Room D1322

  • Features a 16 in 8 out analog stage-box connected to the ASP4816 mixing board in the Control Room.
  • 1 Audio-Technica 2020 condenser microphone for voice over or Foley recording.
  • A Foley pit with gravel, concrete, sand and metal surfaces.
  • 40″ NEC Display (mirrored from Control Room)
  • Presonus 6 channel headphone amplifier (fed from Control Room)

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