Welcome to FMSA Support

Accessing FMSA Spaces

Before coming to campus, please read and complete the following document:

COVID-19 Safety Plan Orientation

For all information regarding access of the main building,  orientations, and general ECUAD info, please visit the following link:

General Health + Safety updates

Accessing Edit Suites

Information and guidelines are available here.

FMSA Tech Hours – Available On-Site:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am – 4pm 10am – 4pm MAINTENANCE 10am – 4pm 10am – 4pm

FMSA Tech Hours – Available Online (Bluejeans/Zoom): We’re also available to meet in a virtual space using Bluejeans or Zoom. Please arrange a time to meet with a technician by sending a request to fmsatech@ecuad.ca. We will then send you an invite to our channel and confirm a meeting time.

New Booking Procedure for Media Resources:

Note: Media Resources is closed for pickups/returns both Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Create a booking request here.
  • When you receive the confirmation email, check if details are correct and email us if there is any correction. If you didn’t receive a confirmation, it means your request didn’t go through.
  • You may need to sign MR’s Policy Agreement before you pick-up your reservation.
  • Picking-up Equipment? Pick-up is in Media Resources D1310 front gate.
  • Make sure you have a confirmed pick-up appointment.
  • Arrive at the specified pick-up time. Grace period is 10 minutes. If you’re not going to make it, notify us as soon as you can and we’ll move your pick-up to the next available slot. Otherwise, your booking may get cancelled.
  • The gate will be open during confirmed appointments only.
  • If gate is closed, you may call (604) 844-3829 or 3829 using any of the black phones in the hallway. No transactions through the side door.
  • Returning equipment? Returns is in room A1010/A1014. Located near the Reliance Theatre on the first floor.
  • Make sure you have a confirmed return appointment.
  • Arrive at the specified time of return. If late, you may need to wait.
  • A Media Resources staff will be present during confirmed appointments only.
  • If there’s no one inside A1010/1014, call Media Resources main office at (604) 844- 3829.
  • If no one answer, call security at (604) 844-3838 or by speed dial using any of the black phones in the hallway. Security we’ll open door in A1014. Place equipment on table labeled with the day of return – for example, if you’re returning on a Monday, place on Monday table.
  • Never leave equipment unattended or give to someone other than Media Resources staff.
  • If you can’t get in the building, a Media Resources staff can also meet you outside Northwest entrance located near the parking lot. Call (604) 235-8648 once you’re there.