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Accessing FMSA Spaces

Before returning to campus, please read and complete the following document:

COVID-19 Safety Plan Orientation

For all information regarding access of the main building,  orientations, and general ECUAD info, please visit the following link:

General Health + Safety updates

FMSA Tech Hours – Available On-Site:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am – 4pm 10am – 4pm MAINTENANCE 10am – 4pm 10am – 4pm

FMSA Tech Hours – Available Online (Bluejeans/Zoom): We’re also available to meet in a virtual space using Bluejeans or Zoom. Please arrange a time to meet with a technician by sending a request to fmsatech@ecuad.ca. We will then send you an invite to our channel and confirm a meeting time.


Note from Techs:

Please plan your bookings as far in advance as possible. Media Resources and FMSA technicians need to coordinate your request and allow time between bookings for the cleaning and sanitizing of gear and spaces. This means a reduced capacity for all areas across the school, and a necessary increase in your pre-production planning. Try to line up your external resource needs after arranging your on-campus needs of equipment and space. Should you be using non-ecuad actors and/or crew, extra care should be taken when coordinating booking times with those agents, assuring you get the equipment and space bookings aligned with your personnel bookings. Also note that the area edit suites and some studios are shut down until October.