Video Post

Video tutorial on Greenscreen keying in FCP X:

Dan Allen. “Final Cut Pro X Effects Tutorial: Greenscreen / Chroma Key” Youtube. video editing and commentary by Dan Allen, 22 Sept. 2011.


Video tutorial on syncing audio in FCP X :

Karl Reith. “FCPX Tutorial: Syncing Audio & Video” Youtube, video editing and commentary by Karl Reith, 25 Jul. 2014,


Colour correction tools in FCP X  by Larry Jordan :

Michael Horton. “Larry Jordan, Color Correcting FCPX using scopes.” Youtube, lecture by Larry Jordan, 29 May, 2013,


Video Tutorial on file management in Final Cut Pro:

9toFMac. “Final Cut Pro X: Library management and organization.” Youtube, commentary by Jeff Benjamin, 04 Mar. 2016,


Vido Tutorial on Light Wrap in After Effects:

After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey. “Easy light wrap in After Effects” Youtube, commentary by Mikey Borup, Sept. 24, 2014,