Booking Edit Suites and Studios

Edit Suites

Masks are required to be worn at all times in this area.

Upon entering the FMSA Area please use the hand sanitizer on the Cleaning Supplies Self.

We’ve modified the procedure for access to our Edit Suites. To minimize the many contact transactions that occur with key distribution, keys will be hung in the respective door lock for self-sign out.

You’ll need to create a booking using the online portal below, then you may take possession of the key during your booked Edit Suite session. At the end of your session make sure to return the key to the lock on the door. Of course, this relies on self-management and an honour system, so please be on time with your bookings. If you have any issues creating a booking, please contact fmsatech[at]

  1. Create a booking using the procedure below.
  2. Go to your booked room and collect your key.
  3. Return the key to the door lock when you are finished with your booking.
  4. Please use the 75% alcohol cleaner to disinfect your keyboard and mouse before and after your use (located on the Cleaning Supplies Shelf).


To book an individual Edit Suite:

  1. On the ECUAD Shops and Studios page click on the  button.
  2. In the Choose a Location field select “Film and Screen Arts – Edit Suites”. 
  3. In the Choose a Service select “3 Hour Work Session” .
  4. In the Choose Area (select below) select your desired Edit Suite.
  5. Select your desired date and select an available time slot.
  6. Click the BOOK NOW button.
  7. Enter your email.
  8. Click the COMPLETE BOOKING button.
  9. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

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The following studios are bookable by request only:

  • D1320 Recording Studio – Control Room *
  • D1322 Recording Studio – Live Room *
  • D1375 Multi-Purpose Theatre
  • D1383 Green Room
  • D1390 Project Studio

* Control Room D1320 access requires Technician operation. To coordinate scheduling, bookings must be made a minimum of 7 business days in advance.

Complete and submit the following form to make a booking request for one of the above rooms:

FMSA Production Studio D1387

The Production Studio is bookable by request only. Complete and submit this form to make a booking request for the Production Studio.

Note: a qualified lighting person who has passed the FMSA LIGHTING/SCAFFOLD SAFETY TEST is required to work on the lighting grid.