Prepping for your sound mix – 2021

For reference, last year’s procedure is below:

1.   Organize audio tracks

  • Make sure all sound elements (Sound FX, Ambience, Music, Dialogue) are on their own separate audio tracks in your Premiere project. You do not want different sound elements sharing the same tracks.
  • Add audio tracks if you need more space to move audio clips around.
  • For better clarity you can color the elements by selecting the clips and adding a color label. (right click + label)

2.   Exporting audio stems for sound mixing

Stems are stereo recordings sourced from mixes of multiple individual tracks. For example, a Sound FX stem will typically be a stereo audio file that sounds like all of the Sound FX mixed together.

  • Once you know your project edits are done and the session is “Locked” it’s time to export stems of all the audio elements for mixing.
  • On the audio track header, select the solo “S” button on specific sound element tracks. Say, sound FX. If there are 4 audio tracks of sound FX, select the solo button for all 4 tracks. Then when playing back you should only hear those sounds.
  • To export the stems, go under the File Menu -> Export -> Media or (CTRL + M)

Format: WAV files
Sample rate: 48 Khz
Sample Rate: 24 bit
Output name: Create a folder with your project name, date, and Audio Stems in the title. Then name the audio file by its sound element, STEMS, and project name.

File naming examples,
Folder name:
“My Film – April 2 2019 – Audio Stems”
Enclosed Files,
“SFX STEMS – My Film – April 2 2019.wav”
“Ambience STEMS – My Film – April 2 2019.wav”
“Dialogue STEMS – My Film – April 2 2019.wav”
“Music STEMS – My Film – April 2 2019.wav”

3.   What to bring to your sound mix

  • Make sure you bring a hard drive with your original Premiere Project, Audio Stems folder and a QuickTime of your locked cut with Burned In Time Code (BITC) on the picture. We need to see your SMPTE timecode readout on top of your film to verify sync.

4.   Reference Videos

Getting Organized for Audio Post – here.