COVID-19 On-Set Protocols

All production activity related to your ECUAD courses are strongly recommended to do the following:

  1. Create a COVID Production Plan. A document which summarizes the precautions taken by the production which can be shared with location owners that includes: the protocol for accessing the set, the protocol for informing public authorities regarding any positive COVID results of the crew in the following days. See Motion picture and television: Protocols for returning to operation document below.
  2. All crew members bust couple and sign a COVID questionnaire, prior to entering the location at the start of the day. Form available here.
  3. Share the COVID production plan with ACT-Safe – an independent organization offering support and advice. Submit here.
  4. Connect with and inform the film office of the municipality of the location – even if the principal photography were to occur indoors.
  5. Inform and network with location neighbours within one (required) or two (recommended) block radius.




Additional reference material available here.

Please connect with Philippa Mennel (mennell(at) if you have further concerns.