FMSA Edit Room Request

To reserve an individual FMSA Edit Room:

  1. Log in below using your ECUAD webmail credentials;
  2. Select “Media Resources Department.”
  3. Click on “Create New Reservation.”  
  4. Enter your booking Start and End times/dates
  5. Under the “Add Resources” section, click “Key” then “FMSA Edit.
  6. Add the room number you want by clicking the “Add” sign next to the room’s name.
  7. Click “Reserve and Submit” to complete your booking. Note: errors must be corrected before the Confirm button will be available at the bottom right. Click on the  icon to see what the error is. For example, you may not have selected an appropriate time, or number of keys (resources), or may not be authorized for a resource.
  8. Click   button. Then click “Submit reservation” on final screen.

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