The Media Resources department houses a large selection of equipment, including cameras, sound, lighting + grip equipment.

*** Note: All equipment on this page (and some other items) are reserved for students registered in requisite FMSA courses. To reserve Film equipment, complete and submit the online form here.

Requests must be submitted a minimum of 5 days in advance of your booking. When the request is processed, you will receive a notification email. If there is no response, the booking request did not go through; please contact a tech at Media Resources.

FMSA Cameras

Kit NameKit Contents 
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (12)BMPCC, Panasonic MFT 12-60mm Zoom Lens, Ikan Power Kit, Shape Cage with Rod Bloc and 2 Rods, SDXC 512GB, 2 Batteries + Charger
Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera [1]BMCC 4K, 2 Batteries + Charger, SSD Card Reader, 2 SSD Drives, 24-70mm Monitor + Batteries, 24,50,85 lenses, Speedbooster, C-mount adaptor
Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera [2]BMCC 2.5K, 2 Batteries + Charger, SSD Card Reader, 2 SSD Drives, 24-70mm Zoom Lens
RED Raven Camera (5)Raven, 2 Batteries + Charger, Outrigger Top Handle, 120GB Mini-Mag, 18-35mm Zoom Lens, 4.7" LCD Touch Screen, Mini-Mag Reader
RED Scarlet-W Camera (2)Scarlet-W, 2 Batteries + Charger, 24-70mm Zoom Lens, 240GB Mini-Mag, 4.7" LCD Touch Screen, Mini-Mag Reader
Sony PMW-EX1R (2)EX1R, Battery, 32GB SXS Card, 16GB SD Card, SD-SXS Card Adaptor
Sony PXW-FS7 M2 (4)FS7, 2 Batteries + Charger, 128GB QXD Card, 18-110 Zoom Lens (E-Mount), EF to E-Mount Speedbooster

FMSA Camera Accessories

Kit NameKit Contents/NotesClick Image to Enlarge
Shape Shoulder Rig [2]Rods, handles, shoulder battery mount, offset bar, bringing the camera closer to your face.
Shape Shoulder Rig RED (7)For use with RED Raven and RED Scarlet-W cameras.
Shape Shoulder Rig FS7 (4)For use with Sony FS7 cameras.
Blackmagic Camera HandgripsSimple, light-weight metal handgrip; mounts under camera.
Shape Follow Focus with Riser and Rods (2)Focus gear + friction wheels, rods and riser plate. Allows finer control over the lens' focus ring. Best used with a Rig.
Shape Follow FocusNo rods included in these kits. Used along with Shoulder Rigs.
Individual EF Rokinon Prime Lenses14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm.
Sigma 70-200mm Zoom Lens
Shape Matte Box Kit [2]Houses 4x4 filters: ND .6, ND .6 Soft Edge Gradient, ND .9, Polarizer. Rods, swing-away mount, filters, bellows, O-rings.
SDI/HDMI Field HDMonitor (5)Either Viltrox or ikan monitors. Attach to a rig for a second screen (great for focus pullers!).
ViewfinderUsed with Blackmagic Cinema Cameras
Slider with Fluid HeadCinevate Slider with Manfrotto 502 Fluid Head

FMSA Grip Gear

Stands, clamps, flags, nets, silks, etc.
ItemDescriptionClick Image to Enlarge
C-Stand Rocky MountainHeavy duty light stand. One leg is adjustable to enable placement on stairs or other uneven surfaces.
C-Stand T-base (turtle)Heavy duty light stand. Base is detachable, for mounting something very low, when needed.
Mafer ClampMounts onto a pole, or c-stand
Quacker Clamp (Duck Bill or Platypus Clamp)This clamp is ideal for positioning foam core or bead board.
Magic ArmFor mounting all kinds of things to other things. Very flexible universal joints on either end.
Matthellini ClampTo grip round, square, or rectangular tubing.
Flag Kit 1 12" x 18"2 Single Scrim, 2 Double Scrim, 2 Silk, 2 Flag
For controlling light
Flag Kit 2 18" x 24"2 Single Scrim, 2 Double Scrim, 2 Silk, 2 Flag
For controlling light
Flag Kit 3 24" x 36"2 Single Scrim, 2 Double Scrim, 2 Silk, 2 Flag
For controlling light
Chimera 650Soft box or diffusion box mounts to a film light. Comes with Tent, poles, and speed-ring.
Gels - ColouredVarious colours for altering light.
Gels - CTBControl filter - Blue. For altering colour temp.
Gels - CTOControl filter - Orange. For controlling light temp.
DiffusionSoftens a light source. Translucent white material, mounted on barn doors, or other light frame.
Apple BoxesWooden boxes used to elevate people and things. They come in Full, 1/2, 1/4, Pancake sizes.

FMSA Light Kits

This table shows the light kits reserved for FMSA students. Each kit contains a variety of lights, with wattages noted for each. Kits contain a pair of gloves, set of scrims, and a spare bulb.
Kit name/numberIncluded Lights 
Arri Light Kit150W/150W/150W
Arri Light Kit1kW/420W/420W
Arri Light Kit650W/300W/200W
Kino Diva KitKino Diva 4 Bank Light
LEDGO B560 LED KitFilter, Diffusor, Light

Media Resources Hours

Media Resources houses all the Audio Visual materials for sign out to students and faculty. When planning your equipment usage, please refrain from booking large packages within an hour of opening and closing times. This allows the MR staff time to put together your order, and process returns before closing.
DayTime OpenTime Closed
Monday - Thursday8:00 am7:45 pm
Friday8:00 am5:45 pm
Saturday + Sunday8:45 am4:15 pm