Booking Studios and Edit Suites

Edit Suites

Notice: Due to upgrades and maintenance, Edit Suites will remain closed until early October. 

We’ve modified the procedure for access to our Edit Suites. To minimize the many contact transactions that occur with key distribution, keys will be hung outside the FMSA Technician office for self-sign out.  You’ll need to create a booking using the online portal below, then stop by the FMSA Technician office and grab the key for your booked Edit Suite. Of course, this relies on self-management and an honour system, so please be on time with your bookings. If you have any issues creating a booking, please contact fmsatech[at]

  1. Create a booking using the procedure below.
  2. Visit the FMSA area key-shelf (located outside the Tech office) and collect your key
  3. Return the key to the key-shelf when finished with your booking

To book an individual FMSA Edit Suite:

  1. Log in below using your ECUAD webmail credentials;
  2. Select “Media Resources Department.” 
  3. Click on the top-left icon,  then select “New Reservation.”  
  4. Enter your booking Start and End times/dates
  5. Under the “Browse Resources” section, click “Key” then “FMSA Edit.
  6. Add the room number you want by clicking the + sign next to the room’s name.
  7. Click “Confirm” to complete your booking. Note: errors must be corrected before the Confirm button will be available at the bottom right. Click on the  icon to see what the error is. For example, you may not have selected an appropriate time, or number of keys (resources), or may not be authorized for a resource.

Click here to log in

Edit RoomSpecial FunctionRoom Number
Edit 1Color Master 1. Avid Artist Colour control surface, colour correct monitor, DaVinci Resolve Studio.D1321
Edit 2Steenbeck Analog room. This room houses an analog film editor and an optical printerD1323
Edit 3Pro Tools, iZotope RX 6 Elements, Reaper, proper mixing speakers.D1331
Edit 4Pro Tools, iZotope RX 6 Elements, Reaper, proper mixing speakers.D1332
Edit 5Pro Tools, iZotope RX 6 Elements, Reaper, proper mixing speakers.D1333
Edit 6Colour Master 2. 4K monitor and colour correct monitor, DaVinci Resolve Studio, Pro Tools, Logic X, iZotope RX 6 Elements, ReaperD1334
Edit 7Surround Mix room with Pro Tools HD, Avid Omni Audio Interface, Logic X, iZotope RX Post Production Suite 3, Reaper, 88 note keyboard, 5.1 surround speakers.D1337


  • Reservations must be made a minimum of 7 days in advance of your booking.
  • Booking reservations are limited to 6hrs per week, per Station, maximum.
  • Booking reservations are limited to 14 days in advance.
  • Unclaimed bookings expire after 15min and will be open to the next requestor.
  • To access a current booking, request the appropriate Station key from Media Resources at the beginning of your booked time (prior to MR closed hours).
  • Existing fines may restrict booking privileges.
  • Suites are cleaned and sanitized by Techs daily, but we recommend you to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves and masks.
  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer before entering the area.

Media Resources Hours

Media Resources houses all the Audio Visual materials for sign out to students and faculty. Bookings are to be made a minimum of 7 days in advance. Arriving ON TIME for your bookings and returns is essential. When planning your equipment usage, please refrain from pick-up or drop-off of large packages within an hour of opening and closing times. This allows the MR staff time to put together your order, and process returns before closing.
DayTime OpenTime Closed
Monday - Thursday8am7pm
Saturday CLOSEDn/an/a
Sunday 9am - 12pm

1pm - 3pm
12pm - 1pm

3pm - Mon.

fmsa area MAp

Click below for a layout of the location of edit suites.

FMSA/nmsa mac lab

  • All Stations are located in room C-1262.

In addition to the regular school-wide software, these ten stations each have Pro Tools and MAX/MSP for experimenting with audio. Access requires current registration in a requisite FMSA/NMSA course.


The following studios are bookable by request only:

  • D-1320 Recording Studio – Control Room *
  • D-1322 Recording Studio – Live Room *
  • D-1375 Multi-Purpose Theatre
  • D-1390 Project Room

* Recording Studio access requires authorization.

Complete and submit the following form to make a booking request for one of the above rooms:

FMSA Production Studio D-1387

The Production Studio is bookable by request only. Complete and submit this form to make a booking request for the Production Studio.

Note: a qualified lighting person who has passed the FMSA LIGHTING/SCAFFOLD SAFETY TEST is required to work on the lighting grid.